Friday, April 14, 2006

Take off into sunset..

(click on the image and zoom to view the details)

Here is one more sunset shot. I sharpened the image in picasa. Is there anything else I could have done, with picasa, that would have made this image look better? Please share your thoughts and I will post process accordingly and post it in tomorrow suppliment post.
Thanks for your feedback!

Today's Suppliment post


(click on the image and zoom to view the details)

Some of you wanted to see a closeup shot of yesterday's macro flower. Here it is. I did some sharpening and added saturation to this. You have to zoom and see to appreciate the details. I personally liked yesterday's post better. Which one do you like? Let me know. Also here are some awesome macro shots from my friends at:
1. Sombras



Emré said...

Good sunset shot. Block on the right says it's there :-)

Azhar said...

Great sunset shot!!!Lucky birds came along I got birds against the sunset yesterday aa huge flock of pigeons but my camera didnt focus fast enough :( skills man ou got skills!Like the sunset betterthan the flower I'm a sunset/sunrise guy ;)

micki said...

What a great catch, getting those birds flying into the breath-taking sunset! I like the foreground poles, I think it adds to shot.

Dia said...

Wonderful sunset again...I just cant get enough of sunset photos, always so beautiful heheh, and the birds flying above the water add some life, very nice :)

Nicola said...

Another great sunset shot! Love it how you captured the birds flying!

Ashish Sidapara said...

Beautiful as always!

Palak Chokshi said...

Love this shot... like the natural framing that the post on the right of the frame provides.. the birds in flight are a nice're a family of photographers huh?? :) nice

Myself said...

I very much like the sunset shot.
Alot of different elements make this picture interesting. (water,horizon)